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Hike day is definitely our toller’s highlight of the week!

Our duck toller has been hiking with K9’s unLeashed for about a year now and it has been wonderful! Anne is caring, reliable and professional. She gets the dogs out to a variety of locations, with lots of opportunity to run and swim – our toller’s favorite! Anne goes above and beyond – from drying our girl off before dropping at home to posting the day’s highlights online. Best of all we know that our pup is being cared for just as she would be if we were taking her out. Thanks for all you do, Anne, hike day is definitely our toller’s highlight of the week!…Nichola and Alley.

Nichola and Alley

Thanks K9’s unLeashed Dog Hiking! You ROCK!

I am a Facebook Fan of the K9’s unLeashed Dog Hiking page. I quite look forward to watching the Videos that are posted of the Dog’s Hikes! I have no doubt that the Dogs are having a BLAST on their hikes, you can see just how much FUN they are having as they run around! You get to know the different personalities of the Dogs after watching a few of the Videos and they are always interesting to me. There isn’t a lot of things that make me laugh out loud these days, but I most ALWAYS do watching these Dog Hike Videos! If you are into having your Dog exercised and socialized while they are having a great time then K9’s unLeashed Dog Hiking is the place to be. Watching the Videos sometimes I wish I was one of those Happy Doggies! Thanks K9’s unLeashed Dog Hiking! You ROCK!…Glen Reid

Glen Reid

You get to see your dog in action with other dogs, big and small

I started sending my dog Buster, a 12 lb. Maltipoo, out on adventure hikes with Anne and her pack on July 7th, 2012 and have never looked back.

Buster has energy to burn and I don’t like going for walks, so after I met Anne through a friend and saw her love of dogs, I decided to try him on a few hikes with her to see how he would do. We have never looked back… I started him at once a week and extra days here and there when I could afford it, and now I buy the twice a week package each month. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for him… he can be a cheeky boy sometimes but Anne puts him in his place and he loves her for it. All I have to do is look at his little face when she comes to pick him up or after he’s home to know I’ve done a very good thing for him. I find her prices reasonable for what the dogs get and he comes home happy and tired and sleeps most of the day away. Anne also posts photos after the hikes so you get to see your dog in action with other dogs, big and small.

Thank you Anne, you’re amazing…Jonnie and Buster.


Abby is now a more confident and obedient girl and we are very pleased !!

Anne has been hiking our Abby 5 days a week for seven months now. She comes back a tired and happy dog with the pictures posted on her Facebook page, K9’s Unleashed Dog Hiking, to prove it. Anne’s training techniques have helped make Abby a more confident and obedient girl and we are very pleased !!

Bill and Sally

Such a talented gal…Many Thanks.

When we got our yellow lab Duke he was 8 months old with a lovely personality, a bundle of energy and absolutely no obedience skills. Thank goodness for Anne, he now waits patiently every morning in his big comfy chair, watching the drive-way for Anne’s arrival or if he is in the yard and Anne calls him the response is immediate (not always so for us however). Duke loves Anne (as we all do) and I so appreciate the exercise, socialization, the control and respect that he has benefited from his daily hikes. As well, great photos, such a talented gal…Many Thanks, Rhona


The best decision we have made! 5 stars way to go Anne

Anne Bright with K9s unLeashed is absolutely amazing and I would recommend her to anyone looking to join their pup/pups with her services. My boston terrier/pug mix Lucy is a bundle of energy. I thought no amount of exercise or playing would tucker her out and now seeing her come home after K9s two full hour hikes, I see how well exercised and socialized she has become since joining her with the crew. Anne is amazing with all the dogs and putting our dog in the hiking group was the best decision we have made! 5 stars way to go Anne.

Cody and Alyssa

The minute she walks into our home , they are like, wohooo Anne is here!

We have had Anne look after our fur kids.. 2 little dogs and one big cat. I loved having Anne, as I totally trusted her with my animals and our home. My dogs loved when she came to stay, they got lots of amazing walks, and lots of love and attention. The minute she walks into our home , they are like, wohooo Anne is here! And they behave sooo well. It feels good to know my fur kids are getting even more spoiled than we spoil them when Anne is looking after them. Thanks Anne.

Sheldon and Barb

Anne has an amazing gift

Anne has an amazing gift… she is loving, patient, and you can’t help but be drawn to her (whether you are two legged, or four legged). I am a very protective mother of my husky, and by no means am I quick to trust others with my, adopted;off the streets, best friend. Reese has had issues in the past with separation anxiety, food and toy aggression, difficulty socializing, and a high prey drive… Despite how much I love Reese, I am well aware he isn’t the easiest dog to take on. In a very short time, Anne has been able to earn Reese’s trust, and he is now beginning to hike entirely off lease with Anne’s group-something I was warned would never be possible when Reese was initially adopted. Every day Reese is acting more socially appropriate with other dogs, and his attitude has drastically changed for the better. Anne is extremely dependable-something; that I have found is rare when it comes to the canine industry. She has been there for me on countless occasions, helping out with frequent hikes and short-term dog-sitting for me when I am unable to find others to help. Anne is also very accommodating, and helps keep Reese’s at home training consistent by incorporating key elements of his at home training on all of his hikes. Anne has contributed to Reese’s increase in quality of life, and continues to do so with every visit. I could not be happier with the services provided by Anne through K9 unLeashed Dog Hiking, and would recommend her to anyone looking for a compassionate and trustworthy individual to spend time with their beloved pups. I could never thank Anne enough for what she has given to both Reese and I, but we are very grateful for all that you have done, and continue to do for us every single day. We both very much look forward to achieving goals and passing milestones with you for a long time to come. We love you.


I wish all dogs could experience the same off leash freedom

Anne has been hiking Storm, our big gomer Olaf, for 1.5 years. He is so excited when his hiking days are coming…he loves Anne, loves the companionship of the other dogs for socialization. Anne also exercises commands that help the dogs when other hikers, bikers, dog owners cross their paths. Anne has paved the way for our own personal hiking adventures and exposed us to a whole new realm of enjoying the dogs off leash . I wish all dogs could experience the same off leash freedom that I see in Anne’s photos and videos. Free Willy and all the animals! Thanks again, Anne…Al and Kim.

Al and Kim

Highly recommend K9s Unleashed

Last summer I had the pleasure of this wonderful lady coming to my rescue. I was on the island for vacation, visiting friends. While I was walking my dog Gibson he chased a rabbit into the bushes and became so tangled in blackberry thorns that I could not release him because he was in such a panic. Along came a dog walker with a pack of dogs. Anne offered her assistance and untangled Gibson while I calmed him and held him steady. She had about 6 dogs with her, all of which just waited about patiently. I was in awe of how composed the dogs in her care were. Highly recommend K9s Unleashed and if we lived here Gibson would definitely be joining her pack. Thank you, Ed and Gibson.

E. Vella

Anne is AMAZING…

K9s Unleashed has been AMAZING for my Portuguese Water Dog, Nixon. He has endless amounts of energy and when I come home from work, he’s happy & tired! Anne is incredible with him. So Blessed to have her.

Lindsay Hissink