Frequently Asked Questions

How do we sign up our dog for the hikes?

We offer a free in home consultation, a casual relaxed way to get to know one another previous to your dog’s first hike. This allows both parties question opportunities to know whether your dog will be a good fit for the type of adventures that we offer. Once that has been established and sign up forms have been filled out then we pick days that are convenient for you.

Do we need to be home? Do you pick up and drop off?

Yes we offer pick up and drop off service within the Nanaimo City limits. It is not necessary for you to be home if we have complete access to your dog on its hike day.

On what day can I send my dog out for an amazing adventure?

K9’s unLeashed is an all weather company. Weather’s a will. There’s a way. We operate our hikes on a Tuesday-Thursday work week and are currently closed on Friday’s, Saturday’s, Sunday’s, Monday’s and Government Stat holidays. We will head out in any weather as long as the driving and walking conditions are safe to do so.

How do you introduce new dogs to the pack?

Entering a van full of strange dogs can be harrowing for some so to ensure a proper introduction to the pack, the new dog rides secured into the passenger seat of the vehicle.  Through the divider they can check out or be checked out by the other dogs.  Once they are all out of the van, the excitement of the hike takes over, and they pack together naturally.  After a few hours of hiking, the new dog, now comfortable with the others, welcomes riding in the back with its new friends.

My dog is not off-leashed trained. Can he participate in your program?

We only hike dogs that have previous off leash training and good recall skills.

Are there any breeds of dog that you do not hike?

We hike most breeds but the safety of the other dogs in the pack and those that we may encounter along the way is first and foremost.  Dogs instinctively love to pack together and we accept most dogs providing they are not aggressive to humans or other animals. If your dog is not well socialized with dogs or people we do not recommend a group hike. Scent, sight hounds and northern breeds must have great off-leash recall skills.  We do not hike restricted breeds unless they have the CGN (Canine Good Neighbour) certificate. Please contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have.

During hot summer months will my dog have access to lots of water?

All of our hikes are scheduled around water.  Your dog will have access to lots of drinking water and opportunities to swim. We also seek out lots of trails that offer shade. They are transported in an air conditioned vehicle.

Do you offer hikes for smaller breed dogs?

Big or small, we hike them all…and we hike them together.  Our smallest pack member Buster, is a 12 pound multipoo and our largest is Storm, a 120 pound Bouvier X.

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