Frequently Asked Questions

How do we sign up our dog for the hikes?

We offer a free in home evaluation/consultation.

Do we need to be home? Do you pick up and drop off?

We pick up and drop off within Nanaimo City limits. You do not need to be home but we must have complete access to your dog.

What day do you operate your hikes?

We hike Tuesday-Thursday. 50 weeks a year.

How do you introduce new dogs to the pack?

New dogs are introduced safely through barriers set up within the van.

My dog is not off-leashed trained. Can he participate in your program?

Dogs must have off leash training and good recall skills.

Are there any breeds of dog that you do not hike?

All breeds are welcome. Some exceptions apply. Please inquire.

During hot summer months will my dog have access to lots of water?

Water is always on hand. Our vehicle is air conditioned.

Do you offer hikes for smaller breed dogs?

Yes, Small dogs are welcome.