Nanaimo’s leader in structured off-leash dog walking.

Nanaimo dog walking, K9’s unLeashed, is licensed, insured, bonded and Canine First Aid certified. We are your Nanaimo dog walking experts offering you peace of mind and your canine friend the ultimate all weather wilderness dog walks and social networking fun in the Nanaimo area.

We use latest technology to ensure the safety of your dog. Introducing the Garmin GPS tracking collar system.

k9s Unleashed uses the Garmin GPS tracking collar systemThe Garmin GPS collar allows us to closely monitor dogs of certain sporting breeds, dogs with poor off-leash skills and helps to integrate new dogs to our pack.

The benefit of daily exercise is paramount for your dog’s health, behaviour, energy level, happiness, and socialization and is highly recommended by trainers and rehabilitation experts worldwide. On every Nanaimo dog walk we practice basic obedience and trail etiquette, supported with constant positive reinforcement and praise from experienced Nanaimo dog walkers.

We will pick your dog up from home, and take them on a 2 hour adventure where they will enjoy Nanaimo dog walking at it’s finest.

Exploring wilderness trails, rivers and mountains with Nanaimo dog walkers certified in canine first aid. Your dog will be returned back to you tired, happy and full of stories on how their day was.

No matter how big or small your dog is he/she will enjoy being out and about with the company of other dogs of equal energy levels. K9’s unLeashed Nanaimo dog walkers accepts most dogs providing

they are not aggressive to humans or other animals. If your dog is not well socialized with dogs or people we do not recommend a group dog walk. The safety of the other dogs in the pack and those we may meet along the way is first and foremost. A one on one walk would be advisable. Please contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have.