About Annie

I have enjoyed wilderness hiking on Vancouver Island since moving here as a teen in 1974. My passion for hiking and dogs began at the age of 8 whilst living in Inuvik, NWT. Our family dog Spike, a wolf-husky cross, was my first love and the reason that I would head out in any weather to enjoy the trails. My father Doug also shared with us his joy of finding ultimate hiking areas. We would all pile into the car and drive down logging roads, where we explored the vast trail systems. To this day I credit my dad for all the hiking that I love so much. Thank you Dad…I love you.
Dogs have always been special to me and I cannot remember a time when one was not a part of our household. My wonderful Standard Poodle, Myloh, was the inspiration behind K9’s UnLeashed Dog Hiking and his memory lives on in every hike I venture out on. Today, you will find joining me on most adventures, my German Shepherd-Cayce Rhayven, adopted Boxer-Whiskey Bleux and my Border Collie Poodle-Pawl Walker.

” If you have ever looked into the warm soulful eyes of a dog and been met back with the look of admiration that only they can give you in return, then and only then, will you begin to understand that this is about THEM and not me. The tail wagging, wriggling body enthusiasm that I experience on every hike, speaks to me in a way no words can dare to describe.”

Annie Bright